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Thousands of savvy Brits are snapping up this funeral plan and saving their loved ones £1000s in funeral costs


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Would you like to protect your loved ones against rising funeral costs?

You probably already know how expensive funerals are. Even the most basic funeral costs thousands because there are plenty of unavoidable expenses that are easy to overlook, such as burial fees.

However, thousands of Brits are still left unaware that funeral costs are spiralling. One of the biggest scandals in recent years is how the unregulated funeral industry is driving up prices beyond inflation

In fact, the cost of funerals has increased more than petrol prices, electricity bills, weekly wages and house prices in the past decade.

Grieving relatives are being ripped off with the hard sell when they’re at their most emotionally vulnerable, often too caught up in the moment to consider the final cost. 

Getting a funeral plan:

✔  Allows you to beat unregulated inflation by locking in costs at todays prices

✔  Relieves your family from financial and emotional burden

✔  Can cost as little over £1 per day, less than a cup of coffee

Beat inflation 

Lock in your funeral costs at todays prices 

Under 40 years40 - 49 years50 - 59 years60 - 69 yearsOver 70 years

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Luckily, there is a simple solution that lets you provide for your family when they need you most: a pre-paid funeral plan.

A funeral plan allows you to help your family avoid continuing, unregulated inflation by locking in costs at todays prices. This means your family won't be hit unexpectedly with a considerable bill when the time comes. 

By locking in your funeral costs you’ll beat the price hikes and completely remove the pressure of worrying about those controversial increases.

You can contribute towards your funeral with manageable monthly amounts which can be as little as just over £1 per day.

That’s less than you’d spend on a cup of coffee, but the peace of mind you get in return, knowing that your family are taken care of, is priceless.

Getting a funeral plan is a safe and easy way of giving a final parting gift to your loved ones, lending them a helping hand when they need it most. It doesn’t take long to sign up and you won’t even need to take a medical – in fact, you’re guaranteed to be accepted.

After that, you no longer need to worry about leaving your family with the burden of debts and stress, just happy memories and a legacy that isn’t eaten up by extortionate funeral costs.

Understandably, this staggering cost is out of budget for most people and if you’re not protected then it will be your family who are left struggling to pay the bill at a very difficult time. 

And the prices are only going to continue to rise substantially as time goes on.

This scandalous increase has meant that the average funeral cost in the UK is now upwards of £4,078*, with the total cost of dying at an alarming £8,802 per person.

The cost of funeral plans have been increasing far beyond inflation. A funeral plan allows you to freeze funeral costs at todays prices, while contributing towards the cost to help protect your family emotionally and financially when the time comes. You can find funeral plans online at little over £4.54 per week 

What is a funeral plan?

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*Source: Some of the data in this article is based on the annual SunLife Cost of Dying report 2017, and the Royal London National Funeral Cost Index Report 2017.

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A funeral plan is a savvy solution that leaves you in control of making the choices that suit you and your family best – without the extra costs of leaving it too late.

It pays to plan ahead, so if you’re interested then don’t delay in getting that essential reassurance and peace of mind today. 

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